Survive The Disasters Fanon Wiki

This is an informative page for users to add disasters in this wiki.


  1. Start by introduction: "[Name] is a disaster" or "[Name] is a disaster in [GameName]".
  2. Then add a Disaster Infobox and write information about your disaster inside the infobox.
  3. Down the introduction, add everything you want to describe your disaster (The best way is adding headings and sub-heading topics.
    1. Examples include "Memo", "Description", "Hyper / Impossible Variants" and "Trivia".
  4. Add the disaster category to your page (Important if you want your page to be mentioned as a disaster).
  5. You're done! Now save your page!


These hints below can help you by adding a good quality page.

  • The oficial font of Survive The Disasters 2 is Cocogoose Pro, you can use it when you're creating a logo to your disaster.
  • We recommend you add images.
  • We recommend you insert categories.