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IsthisEsh5 IsthisEsh5 14 November 2021

Splash Files Released

Do I intend on coming back? Not really. But, I thought it could help some people if I share these.

Maybe you need more of a reference. Maybe you want to know how I make some of my gradients. Regardless, I've released my entire splash folder here, on Dropbox. The layers in the files can be a bit messy, but hey. It's better than nothing.

A few files may have been messed up or overwitten by accident. But those are there to stay because I don't feel like fixing or deleting them. I did make sure to delete some of the more personal ones, though.

You might notice some alpha splashes in there as well. I'm not going to explain how that template works, but just know a few things:

  • It's not perfect. It looks good, but there's many more inaccuracies compar…
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InkyTheBlue InkyTheBlue 8 July 2021

About Myself and My Future

Hello, It's me, Inky, InkyTheBlue.

You might be disappointed about this page I've written there, but I consider myself to close the requests and no longer accept and reopen them back.

It seems like that I've come to a bit of the same situation as IsThisEsh5's at a later time (read here if you haven't). I have different reasons why I no longer visit this wiki, upload stuff there, and accept requests anymore:

  • About the splashes we're making, they seem really simple to make, colors and icons. However, as a perfectionist, making color gradients correctly and finding accurate icons (mainly based on their series) can take up to an hour (or later in case), which can be difficult handling the requests and others.
  • I work on another wiki, which I'm also a bureaucr…
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IsthisEsh5 IsthisEsh5 24 May 2021


After all these requests, I've decided to rethink things.

As I have 45 requests, no further requests will be accepted for now. I might open up once more when a good chunk of requests are done if not all of them. The keyword here is might. As simple as splashes can be, I'm not a machine.

Despite the fact that I was able to make an okay splash in a 4-minute tutorial, it can sometimes take me up to 45 minutes to think of and find a good icon and gradient. It only gets harder and harder as the requests become more obscure.

Well, that's kind of expected since this is a fanon wiki. People can make anything they want. But it can still be challenging nonetheless to create splashes of something that seems a bit too insignificant, like a random Roblox user.

It a…

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UzzielCuyulRoblox UzzielCuyulRoblox 15 May 2021


Welcome to my splashes blog, here you can find all splashes i did. enjoy the splashes!

You came here just to se the fanmade logo wow, just wow. want to see my splashes? welp, here we go!

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King Noob's Servant King Noob's Servant 21 December 2020

How to create a good boss article

Some of you may be asking: "How do you make such good articles?" well, though I covered it in my profile, I'll cover it more in-depth here.

There are probably many other ways to create an article, but I usually use a certain method, where I study other articles to gain info on what to do. For example, I heavily study Reaper from the STD2 Canon wiki due to it being a featured article, aka a good example. In most of my articles, I study Reaper, but for my maps, games, and others I heavily study the best example in the STD2 Canon wiki of that subject (for example, Green Hill Zone for maps). The only reason to not study is if there isn't enough sufficient info about that certain subject. After I'm done studying, I usually add headings (specific…

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GDAndres GDAndres 13 October 2020

My Disaster Splashes :D

This is the complete collection of my disaster splashes and warnings, this will be updated each time I make a new one so be patient!

This are free-to-use as long as you give credit. 

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IsthisEsh5 IsthisEsh5 7 October 2020

How to make SD2 splashes.

If you ever don't want to go through the hassle of waiting for a request, you can also go through the hassle of making it yourself instead. It may take a while, and it won't be perfect, but it still looks pretty good, and you'll know what the final product will look like.

While Photoshop is generally used, it's easy to understand that many people simply don't want to buy it. This is why I made a tutorial not using Photoshop. Keep in mind that the official template only consists of the current splash style alone, and not any danger modes or an alpha style.

If you're not able to access Photopea for whatever reason, whether if you're on mobile or it's blocked, sorry! While you may not be able to use this tutorial, take note that you can still m…

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IsthisEsh5 IsthisEsh5 4 October 2020

Disaster Difficulty Modes

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InkyTheBlue InkyTheBlue 14 June 2020

Planning Stuff During Vacation

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 13 June 2020

I need opinions..

As we all know, 2020 hasn't been the best year. The coronavirus pandemic, World War 3, the forest fire in Australia, and Giant Asian Hornets entering the United States. Other bad events has happened as well than just those.

Recently there was a Drunk Driver Accident that happened to someone I know on Discord, and it was his wife. I don't know if he'll be okay if I mention his name, but all I know is that he is a well respected user on the server I'm mostly active on, and it's just sad to see him like this. We all understood his pain.

Anyway, I had the idea of writing "Survive The Disasters 2: 2020 Edition" but I fear it could be a controversial page to write, so I'll just ask about what are people's opinions first.

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InkyTheBlue InkyTheBlue 5 June 2020

If you were a boss of STD, what would be your theme songs?

I know this sounds way too simple and dull, but I just want to post something about sharing our own theme songs when becoming as (kind of) a boss. You can also share your own Hyper variant too!

So mine about that are...


  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike - Jake's Theme
  • Crash Team Racing - Boss Race
  • Kirby's Dream Land - Mt. Dedede
  • Spyro: Season of Ice - Grendor's Lair
  • Touhou 3 - Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight It Out!
  • Tyler Lang - Rude Buster (SNES Soundfont)


  • 100% Orange Juice - Es
  • A Hat in Time - Death Wish
  • Mario Sports Mix - Bob-omb Dodge Level 2
  • Puyo Puyo 2 Fever - Surge of the Crimson Scream
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InkyTheBlue InkyTheBlue 27 February 2020

Tryin' 3 Things in a New Style in 2020

Oh man, I've never uploaded my stuff for probably a half of a year. That's because, you know, school. However, 4 months remain to end the studying madness, so here are 4 disaster warnings that I've made. (dunno if they will be added in their pages)

EDIT: Added 4 more disaster warnings on 14th March 2020. Wow.

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 2 December 2019

Favorite Boss Theme

My father purchased the SNES Classic at some point this year, and he gave it to us. Me and my brother played Earthbound on it because we were Earthbound fans. My Cousin Joey download an emulator, and that has good songs. I tried another RPG it had called Secret of Mana. There's a Collection that's downloadable on the Switch, but I also found it on the SNES Classic, and I love it. I might add in it's boss theme to most of the boss pages I've published.

Take a Listen! If you don't enjoy it, I respect your opinion


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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 22 October 2019

How do I use the CocoGoose Pro Font?

I just need some hints, if I ever want to get into making a warning for disasters, I need to know how I can make it. I think This is perfect. I downloaded it at my public library, but I have no idea to use it. Also I'm going to need to know how to make the image on the left side of the warning.

What Photoshop do I use? Is photopea okay? I don't want my parents to pay for Adobe Photoshop.

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 13 August 2019

Mini Bosses

Note: This idea may be abandoned by me. This is just an Idea I have and I may not completely finish it and have no ideas. I may have some ideas for it later in the future, but When I first think of an Idea for a Page, I can be left out Completely, this is why I make all of my pages a Collab.

A Miniboss is a villain in a Video Game that is stronger than the enemies, but weaker than the official Boss. Mini Bosses are a form of Bosses in Survive The Disasters 2.

  • 1 Changes
  • 2 Minibosses
    • 2.1 Original Survive The Disasters 2
  • 3 Musical Themes

The only change with a Mini-Boss from a regular Boss:

  • The Timer is 45 instead of 60
  • A decent amount of health (Bigger than enemy health, smaller than Boss Health)

  • Aika (Own Main Theme)
  • So Sorry
  • Max

  • UFO
  • Epic Duck (Own Main Theme…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 3 August 2019

Larl and CookJuz's Disasters

Larl & CookJuz's Disasters is the Alternate of Survive The Disasters 2 that focuses on Trollish disasters. This Game represents troll level wars, CarlSagan42 an American Microbiologist, Vs. Juzcook, an Australian Guitarist. Both of these people are also professional Mario Players.

  • 1 Disasters
    • 1.1 Normal Disasters
    • 1.2 Bosses
    • 1.3 Bonuses

Here's a list of changers to normal Disasters. Only some Disasters from Survive The Disasters 2 Make an appearance:

  • Golf Balls: Change to Bouncy Balls, and will continue to bounce all over the place. Hiding might help. If a Map is chosen to where you can fall down, hope for the best.
  • Kamikaze Koopa: Kamikaze Koopas will Jump every 5 Seconds.
  • POW Block: Will Go off on it's own, even if it's not in Hyper.
  • Cheep Cheep: Renam…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 25 May 2019

(Sandbox) Survive The Disasters: SMW Edition

Survive The Disasters: SMW Edition is a ROM Hack of Super Mario World. It features artificial disasters of anything. This hack is similar to 100 Rooms of Enemies.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Disasters
  • 3 Custom Music (Soundtrack)
    • 3.1 Mushroom Kingdom (Castle Grounds)
    • 3.2 Forest
    • 3.3 Desert
    • 3.4 Snow
    • 3.5 Ghost House
    • 3.6 Cave
    • 3.7 Castle

The Mushroom Kingdom has become a training area for Mario and must Survive what comes his way.

  • Bullet Bills
  • Easy Chuck Gate
  • Lakitu's
  • Fishin' Boos.
  • Diagonal Podobos
  • Diagonal Boos.

Here is a list of Maps with custom Super Mario World Music. There can only be one song per stage.

  • Crusader if Centy - Rafflesia School

  • Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB Forest

  • Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB Desert

  • Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB3 Snow

  • Il Maniero Spettrale - Mansion

  • Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 24 March 2019


Test is a stage in Smash Bros Ultimate. It features most of the Disasters present in the original Game.

  • 1 Disasters
    • 1.1 Acid rain
    • 1.2 Alexnewtron
    • 1.3 Alien Invasion
    • 1.4 Avalanche
    • 1.5 Black Mage
    • 1.6 Bombers
    • 1.7 Cake
    • 1.8 Crazy Robloxian
    • 1.9 Crimson Balrog
    • 1.10 Death Trampoline
    • 1.11 Dr. Robotnik
    • 1.12 Dynamites
    • 1.13 Epic Duck
    • 1.14 Epic Katana
    • 1.15 Explosive noobs
    • 1.16 Fire Breath
    • 1.17 Flash Flood
    • 1.18 Get Down
    • 1.19 Ghosts
    • 1.20 Giant Noob
    • 1.21 Giant Zombie
    • 1.22 Guest Ambush / Noobs / Coil Noobs
    • 1.23 Hammer Eggman
    • 1.24 Icicles
    • 1.25 Illumina
    • 1.26 Kamehameha
    • 1.27 Korblox Mages
    • 1.28 Meteors
    • 1.29 Mine Spawn
    • 1.30 Minions
    • 1.31 Missile Launcher
    • 1.32 Missile Strike
    • 1.33 Mr. Happy
    • 1.34 Murderers
    • 1.35 Ninjas
    • 1.36 Nuclear Bomb
    • 1.37 Nyan Cat
    • 1.38 Overseer Soldiers
    • 1.39 Pizza Dude
    • 1.40 Polyhex
    • 1.41 Press the Button
    • 1.42 Raining Tacos
    • 1.43 Reaper…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 12 March 2019

Things I'm planning..

I'm relying on gaming references. Thanks to Super Survive The Smash Disasters Ultimate, I'm thinking of something to reference into other games (Possibly mobile too). Right now I can think of Sim City. In Sim City SNES, there was a Plane Crash (Which is now Missile Strike in the original), a Tornado, crime (Thief), and a flood. There is Bowser and a Nuclear Meltdown. These are the scenarios. I also thought something about Sim City on the DS, It does have a disaster difficulty, but I don't think I've ever seen them myself. I may have overdone with wanting Sim city soundtrack in my AFK Room Page. Right now I'm thinking Bowser right now. He'll have fire breath and other attacks. He'll also destroy buildings, just like in Sim City in the SNES.…

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