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Before starting to add content on this site, you will need to follow these rules below. Any additional questions, contact Vito or Malik.


  1. No excessive swearing or saying very harsh words (like the whole F word). Saying them once in a while is okay, but be aware that children can catch on to explicit habits of others on the Internet.
  2. No cyber bullying. If you're having problems with someone else, and you cannot solve it in a mature manner, then send it to one of the admins. We will deal with it personally. Cyber bullying is not to be tolerated anywhere, including here.
  3. No drama. While the admins can solve conflicts relating to bullying, drama is a completely different matter. Saying things like you're having a bad day is okay, but if you go into more extreme matters (for instance, committing suicide), we would advise you to go see a therapist, or other dedicated sites on the Internet, rather than here.

Adding / Editing Content

  1. No NSFW content. If this content is really necessary for your page to work, contact an administrator, if possible. We will grant the page permission with a warning.
  2. Don't add any additional categories unless a member of the staff permits you to do so. Always ask.
  3. Don't edit pages which belong to other authors (unless they are collaborative pages, you have the author's permission, or when a grammar correction is necessary).
  4. Don't vandalize. It's annoying and disrespectful, and the chances of a ban are higher in this case.


These are generally what to be expected to happen when we discover that you're breaking the rules; however, this is a general guideline, as the punishment could vary depending on the severity of the situation.

  • Warnings (three warnings result in a ban).
  • 1 day ban.
  • 3 day ban.
  • 7 day ban.
  • Permanent ban.